Sydney Light Rail

 One of the best rail systems to be found in Modern Cities

As a London born lad, I love Sydney because it is similar in respect to the hustle and bustle of London. So, I moved to Sydney a few years ago and work here now, operating window cleaning Sydney.

However, one of the things that I loved most about London was the Underground Rail System. On a cold UK day, descending into the labyrinth of tunnels under the capital was very welcome because the destination was warm compared to outside, and had an almost reassuring friendly smell...strange to say.

So, after moving to Sydney in 2002, I have often missed certain aspects such as these from 'Old Blighty'. However, in recent years the authorities have developed a World Class light rail system. 

It is true that, in my books, the Underground is still the number 1 transport system for me. However, the light rail is not a distant second.

Sydney Light Rail

Ending it's journey in Circular Quay, the light rail has excellent connections to Ferry, Bus, and Road options. The best way, of course, to get into the city is by bus if the light rail doesn't have a station near you. The reason? Parking is not easy to find, and can be quite expensive in the city, as it often is in nearly all major cities

Light Rail Connections

However, the best testimony to the light rail comes from my son, who is notoriously particular about what he likes...or dislikes.

After a required visit to Sydney Dental Hospital, the journey was made via light rail. My son, whom I was expecting to not like the journey..actually really enjoyed it! Why?

The reason is that the rail journey is a great way to see the city of Sydney. It is also both reasonably priced, and, at most times, completely uncrowded.

It must be noted, however, that with Covid-19, Face Masks are currently still mandatory on NSW public transport. This can diminish the enjoyment a little, but not completely.

So, you may be wondering how you catch the light rail?

Getting On Board

The journey ends, as mentioned, at Circular Quay. However, to begin the journey, board at either Kingsford (opposite Souths Juniors), or at Randwick station near Belmore Road. 

Opal Card - Sydney Public Transport

When it comes to paying for your journey, you will need to purchase an 'Opal Card'. These are available from most newsagents or local shops.

You will, however, need to pay for a few journeys, instead of just for the one journey, and prices vary according to how many journeys that you prepay for.

Getting on and off the light rail couldn't be simpler. Simply tap on, and tap off. You must remember to tap off so that you are not overcharged. The reason is, that unless you tap off, the card will likely be charged for the entire journey, not ending at your chosen destination.

So, all in all, Sydney light rail is one of my favourite travel methods in modern cities. I highly recommend, that when you visit Sydney Australia...that you give the light rail a try.

It is simply a fantastic and relaxing way to see the an affordable price!