Tomatoes fight dangerous diseases, and cooked even more effective

tomatoesThe use of tomatoes reduces the risk of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, cooked or processed tomatoes are even more useful than raw ones.

Scientists from the United States found that juicy vegetables are the richest source of the powerful food antioxidant lycopene, but unlike other vegetables and fruits, their potential is enhanced by heat treatment.

Specialists from the National Center for Product Safety in Illinois say that this nutrient has protective mechanisms that prevent inflammation and the formation of blood clots.

A reliable relationship between the consumption of tomatoes and a low risk of developing certain diseases such as prostate cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis has been established.

According to doctors, the data on tomatoes and products based on them can help develop a simple and effective strategy aimed at increasing vegetable consumption, which will improve the nutritional system of the population and, accordingly, the level of health.

Antiperspirants can cause skin inflammation.

Deodorant is an indispensable remedy for the hygiene of a modern person, but recently doctors are increasingly diagnosing “inflammation of the lymph nodes and ducts of the sweat glands of the armpit”. Such a diagnosis requires surgery and the culprit can be your antiperspirant.

Remedies for sweat are divided into deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants fight with an unpleasant odor preventing bacteria from multiplying in a humid environment and drowning the smell of perspiration with odors, i.e. their task is to reduce the unpleasant odor. Antiperspirants prevent the release of sweat on the surface of the skin, thereby significantly reducing sweating. But they do not reduce its secretion, which leads to sweat accumulating under the skin and provoking inflammation (lymphadenitis, hidradenitis).

To reduce perspiration, aluminum and zinc compounds are used that narrow and clog the ducts of the sweat glands and form a film in the armpit. Because of this, their natural excretory function is disrupted, which leads to inflammation of the skin and lymph nodes.

To protect yourself, you can follow a few simple rules:

In hot weather, bathe in the shower in the morning and in the evening, wear loose clothes from natural fabrics, use deodorants.

Use antiperspirant once a day only on the area of the armpits, and in the evening it is necessary to wash off its residues, do not use immediately after shaving underarms, because due to microdamage, aluminum salts will be absorbed additionally.

Use of the placebo effect in the treatment of bronchial asthma

It has long been known that patients taking a placebo to feel better, although in fact, they have not received any treatment. It has been repeatedly proven that the power of suggestion alone can alleviate pain, reduce blood pressure and much more, but with serious illnesses, the effect of cure was not observed. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published information about a study conducted to determine the effects of a placebo effect on asthma patients.

The study was conducted to compare the use of placebo with the actual use of drugs in terms of actual physical performance and the impact on the objective state in patients with bronchial asthma.

The study involved 39 people with asthma, they were divided into groups. One group received treatment with inhalers with albuterol, another offered inhalers with a placebo, another group was offered acupuncture, using needles, but without stimulation of any acupuncture zones, and the fourth group received no treatment at all.

The course of treatment was conducted during 12 sessions, after which patients who used the present inhaler stated that their breathing improved by 50%, using inhalers with placebo declared that their condition improved by 45%, the group after acupuncture noted an improvement of 46% group without treatment by 21%.

Physical examination methods revealed that the inhaler with albuterol improved the condition of patients by 20% and the remaining methods of treatment by 7%.

Despite this discrepancy, the scientists came to the conclusion that the power of suggestion plays a big role even in the treatment of such serious diseases like bronchial asthma.

People suffering from eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, have a higher mortality rate

According to a recently published study by the University of Loughborough in the UK, people who suffer from eating disorders, anorexia (loss or loss of appetite) or bulimia (a constant feeling of hunger, often resulting in overeating) have a higher mortality rate.

Researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of about three dozen studies conducted between 1966 and 2010 in which more than 17,000 people with eating disorders participated and found that people who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders have a higher mortality rate than people with a healthy attitude to food. Based on these studies, it was concluded that in people with anorexia the probability of dying is 5 times greater, and, based on the facts studied, 1 out of every 5 deaths were associated with suicide.

Over the past decade, research has shown that hospitalization of children under the age of 12 with regard to eating disorders has doubled, including cases of severe anorexia and bulimia.

This is due to the fact that people with anorexia have a distorted image of their own body, and even when they are very thin, they still find themselves overweight. This becomes an obsession, they refuse to eat, which sometimes leads to dangerous weight loss and even death from malnutrition. Other problems that lead to anorexia nervosa are disruption of the heart and other vital organs, low blood pressure, slowed heart rate, constipation, abdominal pain, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, sensitivity to cold.

As a rule, an eating disorder begins with the fact that a person is worried about being overweight and thinks about how he eats. But this is more of a psychological problem since such people use food and control over their use to compensate for feelings and emotions that are inaccessible to them. Treatment should be comprehensive because you need to heal not only the body but also the mind, you need to work on changing the way of life, habits, behavior in general. For complete recovery, you need to sort out the accumulated problems and change your lifestyle. read more

Dogs are able to “sniff” cancer in the early stages of the disease

The European Respiratory Journal published the results of a study in which four dogs took part – two German Shepherd Dogs, an Australian Shepherd Dog and a Labrador. During this study, it was found that dogs are 71% accurate in detecting lung cancer in the early stages of the disease.

German researchers in special fleece bags took samples of exhaled air from 220 patients. Of these, 110 people were healthy volunteers, 60 people were diagnosed with lung cancer and 50 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After nine months of training, the dogs learned to recognize the smell and sat down in front of the samples, where no lung cancer was detected.

Researchers suggest that tumors produce volatile organic matter (VOC), and that dogs are able to smell them despite even conflicting odors such as tobacco, food, or even COPD.

Studies on the ability of dogs to detect cancer began in 1989. Although the results have not always been consistent, however, there is also evidence that dogs can detect some other types of cancer in the early stages, including the bladder, intestines, breast and skin.

Their help in detecting lung cancer is very important because it helps doctors detect the disease at an early stage, which makes treatment much more effective. According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more people have recently died of lung cancer than other types of cancer. And this is largely due to the fact that it is difficult to diagnose in the early stages, since the symptoms may not be sufficiently pronounced, and in 25 percent of patients there are no symptoms at all.

If further research is successful and the scientists find out the source of such BWO, the doctors hope that it will be possible to create an “electronic nose” type device that can be used in hospitals, which will make it possible to detect the disease and begin treatment in the early stages, and then the saved lives much more.

Dogs have long been used to detect drugs, explosives, or to search for corpses. Some breeds have more than 200 million olfactory receptors that are responsible for detecting the smell of molecules. People have only 5 million of such receptors, therefore the abilities of dogs are extremely valuable for science and medicine. read more

Should your hairdresser examine you for skin cancer?

It is likely that one day when you will be sheared in a hairdresser, you can get an unexpected offer to contact a dermatologist. A study in one of the US states showed that today more than a third of working stylists, having found suspicious moles on the client’s skin, will be asked to undergo a survey with a doctor. Moreover, half of the hairdressers are interested in learning more about skin cancer, so that as many of their clients as possible apply to doctors for examination in the early stages of the disease.

At the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, they plan to open special courses in the near future to train hairdressers, and they have high hopes for this since most people see masters of haircuts and dying more often than doctors.

In 2008, one of the funds sponsored a free distribution of instruments that determine the level of sugar and blood pressure for black hair salons in New York. A study conducted a year later showed that beauty salons are a good place for advocacy companies to ensure that people learn as much as possible about potential illnesses, their symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

And although some experts are skeptical, and believe that everyone should do their own thing, the results of the studies show that although the number of diagnosed cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, has increased dramatically in recent years, the number of victims of the disease is practically not increased, which may indicate that people have become more informed and go to doctors on time.