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When it comes to Sydney Sparkle!, one of the ways that Sydney really sparkles is in providing quality health care to people of all demographics. To that end, the spiralling cost of Dentistry today often means that those of low income forego major work, simply because the cost is too high. Sydney Dental Hospital alleviates that burden.

Whilst not solely operating for the benefit of the poor, the Hospital has limited appointments available for those of low income...and no income. But first, here is a brief history of the Hospital.

How The Hospital Came To Be



Of course, no history is always linear. The Hospital is no exception. For instance, the Hospital, when founded, was established on George Street...a short distance away. But how did it get it's start?

Wikipedia states: "The Sydney Dental Hospital, formerly "The United Dental Hospital of Sydney" was founded in 1905 under the Dental Hospital Union Act of 1904". So, the Hospital was founded on a different location, and, with a slightly different purpose to what it has today. More than 110 years later, the foundation of what we know today as 'Sydney Dental Hospital' has changed considerably.

However, it was only a few years later, seven to be precise, when the Hospital was moved to it's present location on Chalmers Street. The 'Wedge Shaped' building has been an iconic Sydney landmark ever since. Whatever issues people have with Government, without the State Government providing the funding, Chalmers Street would not have been it's home.

So, following 1912, we have the building that we have today. Was it always a medical safe-haven for the poor? No. 

It's purpose, for which it serves today, did not happen until 1940 when it was appointed for the dual purpose of providing modern and efficient treatment for the impoverished as well as a training facility for dental students at the University of Sydney.


Following this, the Hospital became what we know...and love about it today! As a Surry Hills window cleaner , I am someone who can't afford massive Dental bills, so I certainly am appreciative of this iconic Sydney building, as I know many also are.

On that point, I was thinking about the comparison in Dental health care in Sydney, compared to what is available in another big city such as London. There is no doubt that Dental care with no out of pocket expenses is great! The drawback to this is that the number of facilities offering this service can be quite limited. 

In contrast, Dental Care in London is handled by the NHS(National Health Service). This offers both an advantage, and disadvantage, when compared to Sydney's Hospital. Starting with the disadvantage, the NHS is generally not free. That being said, prices were capped(at least a couple of years ago) at 499 pounds for any treatment. This means that whatever you need, be it root canal, dentures, or any major won't pay more than around $1000AUD. This is certainly within the budget of most working people, although not necessarily the out of work.

However, the NHS service does have a distinct advantage. The number of Dental surgeries that offer capped pricing far exceeds the number available in Sydney. In fact, in the coastal town of Folkestone, Kent, I was able to get fillings, a clean etc for just under $200AUD!

So, all in all, for those whose budgets are extremely stretched, Sydney Dental Hospital is a real gift. However, for the middle class, who want convenience, and can pay a little more...the NHS service in the UK may well be considered to be a better option.

How To Contact Sydney Dental Hospital


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