The Long House

 When visiting the Hunter Valley, North of Sydney, there is often a great deal of quality accomodation from which to choose.

The main criteria that you need are comfort, affordability, and access to local wineries. One such place that I recommend is 'The Long House'.

Rated at 3.5 stars, and featuring in media publications around the globe, the Long House is a fantastic, scenic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. When looking for property to rent, having a place of this tranquility, right on my door step, is something that is resisted at my peril.

The Long House has access to great vineyards

Some of the online directories and media outlets that feature this kind of retreat are:

1/ UK business directory -
3/ American News Outlets, such as CBS
4/ Even Tesla!

With such great write ups, you can be sure that you will have the best of amenities for your weekend, or week away.

Where Is The Longhouse?

So, now that you see the reputation that The Longhouse has, you may wonder: Where exactly is it, and how can I contact them? Good Question!

So, here are the details that you'll need to book your escape:


385 Palmers Lane
Tel: 0402101551


The Longhouse boasts an impressive 4.8/5 rating(according to WotIf). Availability is not as extensive as would be considered ideal, which of course is par for the course during these difficult times.

However, with a near 5/5 review(after 52 reviews) it is well worth persevering with trying to make a booking. The Hunter region, with it's wineries is a must see destination for visitors to Australia. Not only are the wines amazing, but the friendly climate, lush surroundings, and great water activities nearby, make the Hunter a very attractive destination.

I hope that you will make time to visit the LongHouse, it will be a recharge(no pun to Tesla!) that will help you cope with a more normal life back home!