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Sydney Ferry Service

 Sydney Ferry Service - How To Get There You may be windering where this foggy city street is....Allow me to explain. This is George Street in the city of Sydney, Australia. You may be able to just make out the light rail tracks to the left of shot.  The light rail connects southern suburbs such as Kingsford and Randwick to Circular Quay. Unlike the more traditional rail sevices, the light rail feels somewhere inbetween a bus and a chauffeur driven car. The best way to catch the ferry is to travel via the light rail system, why? In Circular Quay, there is no parking to speak of. The nearest parking areas would be city car parks, which can be quite expensive. What You'll See When You Arrive       Sydney Harbour is an amazing place. The humid sub-tropical climate means that the area is warm, well lit and lush, without the perpetual harsh sunlight that characterizes other Australian capitals.   The harbour itself is surprisingly clear. Peering over the edge of the dock, you can see to

Why Sydney?

 Sydney has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have lived here, on and off for the last 2 decades and I thoroughly recommend the place...why? Outdoor Lifestyle Perhaps the most iconic pictures of what Sydney has to offer in terms of outdoor lifestyle is the cultural views afforded by Sydney Harbour. For our young folk, however, the beaches and coastline of Sydney offer a glimpse of what getting away from home for a few hours has to offer. Here, Clovelly offers a rugged, rocky, outlook across the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand. Perhaps the most iconic coastal location in Australia..well, at least in Sydney, is the famous Bondi Beach. In reality, Bondi is one of only a few beaches of similar quality along the Sydney beach front that offer great family facilities. It is almost impossible to have say that you have explored Sydney without having visited Bondi Beach. However, the following cautions should be noted. Parking is difficult, sometimes impossible. As a Sydney w