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Sydney Dental Hospital

 Sydney Dental Hospital About Sydney Dental Hospital When it comes to Sydney Sparkle!, one of the ways that Sydney really sparkles is in providing quality health care to people of all demographics. To that end, the spiralling cost of Dentistry today often means that those of low income forego major work, simply because the cost is too high. Sydney Dental Hospital alleviates that burden. Whilst not solely operating for the benefit of the poor, the Hospital has limited appointments available for those of low income...and no income. But first, here is a brief history of the Hospital. How The Hospital Came To Be     Of course, no history is always linear. The Hospital is no exception. For instance, the Hospital, when founded, was established on George Street...a short distance away. But how did it get it's start? Wikipedia states: "The Sydney Dental Hospital, formerly "The United Dental Hospital of Sydney" was founded in 1905 under the Dental Hospital Union Act of 1904&