Should your hairdresser examine you for skin cancer?

It is likely that one day when you will be sheared in a hairdresser, you can get an unexpected offer to contact a dermatologist. A study in one of the US states showed that today more than a third of working stylists, having found suspicious moles on the client’s skin, will be asked to undergo a survey with a doctor. Moreover, half of the hairdressers are interested in learning more about skin cancer, so that as many of their clients as possible apply to doctors for examination in the early stages of the disease.

At the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, they plan to open special courses in the near future to train hairdressers, and they have high hopes for this since most people see masters of haircuts and dying more often than doctors.

In 2008, one of the funds sponsored a free distribution of instruments that determine the level of sugar and blood pressure for black hair salons in New York. A study conducted a year later showed that beauty salons are a good place for advocacy companies to ensure that people learn as much as possible about potential illnesses, their symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

And although some experts are skeptical, and believe that everyone should do their own thing, the results of the studies show that although the number of diagnosed cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, has increased dramatically in recent years, the number of victims of the disease is practically not increased, which may indicate that people have become more informed and go to doctors on time.

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