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Use of the placebo effect in the treatment of bronchial asthma

It has long been known that patients taking a placebo to feel better, although in fact, they have not received any treatment. It has been repeatedly proven that the power of suggestion alone can alleviate pain, reduce blood pressure and much more, but with serious illnesses, the effect of cure was not observed. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published information about a study conducted to determine the effects of a placebo effect on asthma patients.

The study was conducted to compare the use of placebo with the actual use of drugs in terms of actual physical performance and the impact on the objective state in patients with bronchial asthma.

The study involved 39 people with asthma, they were divided into groups. One group received treatment with inhalers with albuterol, another offered inhalers with a placebo, another group was offered acupuncture, using needles, but without stimulation of any acupuncture zones, and the fourth group received no treatment at all.

The course of treatment was conducted during 12 sessions, after which patients who used the present inhaler stated that their breathing improved by 50%, using inhalers with placebo declared that their condition improved by 45%, the group after acupuncture noted an improvement of 46% group without treatment by 21%.

Physical examination methods revealed that the inhaler with albuterol improved the condition of patients by 20% and the remaining methods of treatment by 7%.

Despite this discrepancy, the scientists came to the conclusion that the power of suggestion plays a big role even in the treatment of such serious diseases like bronchial asthma.