3 Ways To Unblock Your Drain

3 Ways To Unblock A Drain

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Step By Step Guide to Unclog a Shower Drain

First, you need to examine what exactly is in your shower drain. Using a screwdriver, take off the drain’s strainer cover; then, soak the drain cover in a solution containing white vinegar to remove soapy buildup. Use a flashlight and search the pipe to see if you can see what is blocking the shower drain. If you can see the obstruction, put on some gloves and get hold of one of the following: a drain claw, a thick wire, or a straightened-out wire hanger:

  1. Using pliers form a hook on the end of th hanger.
  2. In a similar way to fishing, use the wire, claw, or hanger to try to ‘catch’ the clogging obstruction.
  3. Remove what you have snared; then repeat until the drain is clear.
  4. Pour hot water down the drain.

If water still won’t drain, try one of the next two options – likely one of them will do the job, and save you tons of money!

Using a Plunger to Unclog Your Shower Drain

First thing to do is go to your toilet, and grab the plunger; it’s an ideal instrument that will rid drains or pipes of just about any kind of obstruction.

  1. Place the plunger in a way that it completely covers the entire drain cover.
  2. In air still seeps in, you’ll need to apply petroleum jelly to the bottom of the plunger stopping air entering.
  3. Put enough water in the shower basin or tubs submerge the plunger’s lipped rim.
  4. Using the ‘plunger’ action, create suction in the drain to bring the obstruction to the surface, then remove it.
  5. Completely rinse the drain with hot water.

Snaking a Shower Drain

Although you don’t really need specialised equipment, tough clogs can be removed with more professional equipment. A plumbers snake is a good option to use. Hand cranking uses a cable to reach right down into the pipes, reaching the hard to reach areas. But, you may wonder, how would I ‘snake’ a clogged shower drain? This is the best way that we have found:

  1. Press the cable right down into the pipe until it won’t reaches it’s limit. When the cable won’t go any further, you have found the obstruction.
  2. Turn the snake’s handle counterclockwise to get a firm grip on it; continue to turn until the obstruction has been removed.
  3. Repeat if required.
  4. Rinse the drain thoroughly with hot water.

Using A More Natural Method To Unblock A Drain


3 Ways To Unblock A Drain

Do you remember your school science project, where you created a ‘volcano’? This is a similar method in that it uses a similar mix of baking soda and white vinegar to blast it’s way through a blocked drain!. This is a more natural way of using a chemical reaction to unblock a clogged drain or pipes:

  1. Pour boiling water thoroughly down the drain.
  2. Apply 1 cup baking soda and then 1 cup vinegar, and pour down the drain.
  3. Allow approximately 15 minutes then flush the drain with boiling water to remove the mixture.

As another option, you could pour 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup salt, and 1 cup white vinegar down the blocked drain; Allowr 15 minutes before rinsing with boiling water.


Which Way Of The 3 Ways To Unblock A Drain Will You Try?


Of course the choice is yours. The aim here is to help you consider ways to flush away your problem! And all without the huge cost that can arise from hiring someone to do it for you.