What Type Of Content For Social Media That Will Dominate 2022


Choose Your Social Media Content Wisely

Every social media sharer has the objective to keep followers engaged and coming back for more! But, what type of content do you need to serve your clients to achieve this?

The task can seem so daunting that you just want to give up! But all is not lost...there is a solution! However, this year has proved to be a tipping point when it comes to content. This means that you not only need to creative engaging content, but equally importantly, it needs to be in line with an ever expanding list of content rules. What are some of the rules, or guidelines that we need to become familiar with?

Get The Right Content To Dominate Social Media in 2022

Content Guidelines For Social Media

Social Media is reeling. Constant allegations of manipulation, exploitation, and just about every other kind of 'tions' you can think of mean that the platforms are both nervous, and at times, restrictive.

Allegations of hacking, incitement to violence, exploitation of youth, plus much more, have made everyone hyper sensitive to what you actually post. The good news is that there is good news! Actually, the news is pretty much the same guidelines that we have had for some time. The difference is that now you can't just ignore them, you have to play by the rules. 

So, with no further ado, let's have a brief look at how you can curate your social media content to dominate the remainder of 2021, and then 2022.

The Importance of Quality Content

As time has gone on, sales pitches have become both more frequent, and more pervasive. People are naturally weary of seeing something that has the sole purpose of parting them from their cash. As such, quality content has become a subject that can no longer simply be ignored.

The key question that you need to ask when posting on social media is: Will my content add value to my readers? In other words, am I genuinely giving to my readers, or is my post simply bait to land them, the big catch of the day?

It's no coincidence that reality TV has become so popular, given that the artificially staged content we have been force fed over the last few years has become so stale. People are hungry for content that they can relate to, and can use in their lives.

As an example, YouTube videos on how to play Minecraft may not appeal to you or I. However, to the millions of youths who spend every waking hour playing, discussing, researching, or thinking about the game....an instructional video hosted by a youthful face, is just what they need!

Quality content is here to stay baby!

Be Relevant

I once knew a university professor who wanted to start a website while he was out of work. Inquisitively, I  asked: What kind of website? 

His reply was some website that would teach how to prepare for some exam that I have never heard of. My response was(laughingly): WHY?

For this Professor, it was clearly an idea that was based on quality content. But, crucially, it is not relevant...at least to not many people. I asked him how much traffic he thought that this website would bring in. His reply was around 100 students a week! Wow!

As such, I advised against starting a website for that purpose. There are plenty of article sharing sites where he could place his paper. However, to pay to establish, market, and promote a website with only 100 readers is just throwing money, time, and effort away.

What does this have to do with our topic? It's all about RELEVANCE. Does your content strike a chord with your readers? Or is it simply an exercise in pride? But what exactly is relevance?

Relevance means knowing your audience, and how to get them vested in your post. Do you know who is going to see your content, what they dream about, how they feel about certain issues? You see, your content is not about you, it's about getting inside the head of your readers and subscribers. Irrelevant content is everywhere, don't throw your content on the pile of rubbish that is already there, make it something that will be remembered, stored, saved, and....discussed.

Choose The Right Platform

the Importance of choosing the right platform for your content

Equally importantly, you need to place your content on the right platform. Take for instance Twitter, with it's 140 or so characters. Not a great place to post a story, is it? Or take Facebook. Would you like to post an article about your favourite political party, given the recent events surrounding infiltration by foreign groups to promote their ideology?

In addition, content naturally fits certain platforms. For sure you can post pictures on Facebook, but isn't Instagram a better place for that? You can put short messages on Instagram, but isn't Twitter the natural fit for that kind of content?

There is no end to the considerations that you should make before creating, and posting your content. The trend is, though, that you will need to get more thoughtful in this area over the coming months and year. 

The previous two areas: Quality and Relevance are vital, there is no doubt about that. And 2022 will amplify their importance. However, even after creating the perfect content for your audience, you will need to ensure that you place it infront of them. This is where the right platform comes in. The best content in the World won't matter if no one sees it, or the wrong person sees it.

2022 Will Continue The Massive Upheavals Already In Place....Position Yourself To Ride The Trend By Creating Quality, Relevant Content That Is Posted On The Right Platform, and....

Happy blogging, Posting, or Influencing!