Bounce Mobile

 Back in the hey day for new technologies, Bounce Mobile was a highly innovative entity for those looking for 'mobile phone providers near me'. Times, though, are a changing.

Bounce Mobile Phones

According to Crunchbase

"Bounce Mobile is an innovator in digital music applications.

They provide apps that enable users to interact with their music in new and engaging ways on their mobile devices.

They are an entrepreneurial start-up company focused on delivering value for our content partners, investors and other stakeholders. Its philosophy centres on a

back-to-basics approach of showing labels and artists demonstrable alternative revenue streams for their content, and providing users with leading edge applications.

Their goal is to engage users through interactive music-focused applications accessed via mobile devices. Technology plays a major part in how the media landscape is changing and we understand how to combine technology and content to great effect.

They are growing our business through building partnerships with content providers, handset manufacturers and are constantly seeking new content and distribution partners globally."

However, the same article contains the addendum:

"Closed Date Jun 30, 2012"

So, the question then is: Is the era of mobile phone mania over? Well, according to the Gadget Guy, sales of mobile phones have risen 24% year on year after a Covid devastated 2020. What that means, in practical terms, is that this year has seen around 340 million units sold compared to 275 million the year prior.

This would seem to indicate that the mobile phone industry is alive and well, but is it? It should be noted that a rise of 24% is somewhat influenced by a 35% increase in Chinese consumption. So, whilst the Western countries have seen a more modest rise, the Chinese market is making up for any shortfall.

One of the benefits of selling cellphones, or mobile phones, is that an industry which would be severely affected by shop closures and social distancing can benefit from considerable online sales which circumnavigate this problem. So, whilst High Street stores are struggling and often closing, mobile phone sales can continue regardless.

What Does The Future Hold?

With these facts in mind, it seems that mobile phone retailers can continue regardless of global pandemics etc. However, other headwinds could take the air out of their sales. With modern phones costing hundreds, or thousands of pounds, dollars, and yen, a workforce that is shrinking due to Covid measures, may well consider expensive phones an unecessary luxury.

Should the Pandemic end, and workforces go back to normal, the mobile phone industry may well thrive. However, this reality is seemingly less likely as every Covid hit month goes by. In addition, technological advancements in the field, a precursor to price hikes, is becoming harder and harder as the units reach peak evolution.

The fact is, then, that the future for the mobile phone supplier is cloudy, even murky. Yes, there is potential for continued growth in revenue and client base. However, at the same time, persistent headwinds, so much more powerful than consumer whimsical wants, seem more likely to take a firm grip on the industry.

Bounce Mobile Phones closed some years ago. Others are hanging on, however the range is becoming more and more dependent on the big tech firms. It could well be that the market survives, albeit with less competition, and higher pricing. For now, at least, the 'Bounce' continues.