Sydney's Best Beaches Ranked

 When it comes to Summer in Sydney, BBQ's, Cricket, and Beaches are the priorities! Pre-Covid tourism  was one of the highest eaners for the city that founded a nation. Now of course, Bondi is World famous, but is it the best beach, at least on the south shore? Well, when people in the east Google 'window cleaners near me', they often find me, because I am a local, and someone who knows the beaches like the back of his hand. So, let me tell you my favourite South Sydney beaches in order.

Coogee Beach

Why Coogee, does he know what hs is talking about? You might rightly ask this question, but allow me to say why.

Coogee Beach Australia

When you go to Bondi, you expect a great beach, but the crowds and parking make the experience well...less than ideal. However, it is an iconic global brand. When you go to Maroubra beach, you get a great beach with ample parking(usually), however, you also get a beach that is not something with bragging rights. Coogee has the best of both. Coogee has a well known name, albeit less famous than Bondi, plus slightly more parking than Bondi..although less than Maroubra.

What sets Coogee above Maroubra for me is that Coogee has better restaurants and cafes. Maroubra has some, but not to the extent that Coogee has.

Bondi Beach

Ah, the king of history! However, Bondi comes only second on the list, and only gets here by reputation and marketing power.

Bondi Beach Australia

It is true that Bondi Beach has some amazing things. For instance, the public pools above provide a salt water safehaven from powerful surf, perfect for the older ones, younger ones, and special needs.

It is also true that Bondi has significant bragging rights as a global icon of Australian culture and history. It is also true that Bondi has good cafes, restaurants and shops.

But, what takes most of that away, and puts it second to Coogee, is that Bondi is, well, chaotic. For instance, once I decided to take the children to the beach, however after driving through every street of the suburbs for 45 minutes, I gave up..there is not enough parking for the number of visitors that the Beach commands.

If you do wish to visit Bondi, and it is worth a visit, then go early, or go by public transport. However, because of this issue, it cannot be top of the list. The stress of a visit here can ruin a day. Bondi is a fantastic beach, but when sufficient parking facilities are constructed by the council it will once again take the crown of Sydney's premier beach.

Maroubra Beach - Last But Not Least

Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach has a soft spot in my heart. It has been my local for nearly 20 years. Maroubra is underrated because it has usually got adequate parking, great sandy beaches, and reliable life savers.

Howver, the reason why Maroubra is so good, is also the reason why it is not top of the list. You see, adequate parking is a result of the fact that facilities there whilst good, are not great. Yes, there are a few cafes, restaurants, and the like. However, it does not foster the tourist buzz that Coogee and Bondi do.

Maroubra Beach is perfect for families. It is also perfect for those who don't want to have sand kicked in their face by other beach goers. So, it is very, very close to being the perfect beach. However, this title will never belong to Maroubra because it is not a global brand, and it is not a purveyor of bragging rights.

Sydney Has Great Beaches

Sydney, I'm told, has lesser beaches than Perth, Brisbane etc. However, the beaches here are generally only a stone's throw from the CBD, have great history, yellow sands, warm waters(in summer), and good connections for transport.

They are well worth a visit, and I recommend you do so! Which is your favourite?