Keeping Focus When Locked Down!


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Don't Go Stir Crazy in Lockdown!

When it comes to events of the last year, it could be that things are driving you nuts! However, I found this advice to a London 'local businesses near me' site that I think will be helpful when going outside is not possible.

Don't Stop Working!

It is probably the case that, if you can't go to work, that maybe you can work from home. These days, there are plenty of businesses that can be run from your home. Allow me to share an example.

A short time ago, I had to visit a client who happened to be at home. The lady excused herself when I arrived, as she was dealing with a client on the phone. It turns out that this person is one of those insurance claims advisors that you call to get a quote, or to initiate a claim. The beauty of this is that her trip to work takes about 10 seconds! No petrol expenses, no fighting in traffic...just make a coffee, switch on the computer, and Voila!

It used to be the case that 'remote' working was simply not possible. However, these days it is very possible, so contact your local 'online' job agency to find out more.

Keep In Shape

Being stuck at home is not the best way to keep in shape. It always reminds me of those astronauts who spend months in space, and then need help to walk when they get back to earth, their muscles have atrophied. However, being at home need not necessarily equal becoming a couch potato. Consider some easy to keep in shape.

There are, to begin with, the core exercises: sit ups, press ups etc. They are a great foundation to help keep you in shape. If you can, try ordering a pulley band resistance system that can slide over the top of any door, and, if you are really flushed with cash, get a home gym or running machine.

It may seem that keeping in shape might be top of the list when you are carrying the cares of the world on your shoulders, however, you will be surprised at just how much your mind will stay balanced when you are not constantly tired, or lacking focus.

Being Creative

Speaking of focus, keeping the mind active during lockdown is an absolute must. Our 'church' began 'Zoom' meetings when the Pandemic started, and it has really helped us massively. Now, of course, being with people in the flesh is much more desirable. However, Zoom interaction is better than a long way!

But, what if you are not a religious person? Go online, look for crafts classes, educational courses, or forums where you can expand your mind, and social circle. It is important to not let 4 walls be the catalyst for becoming a recluse.

Being creative, expanding your mind is a massive boost to sanity when 'locked down'. Take our advice, and don't let limited space be a reason for limiting your mind.

Summing It All Up

'Lockdown' is not something that any of us envisioned more than a year ago. It seems that it may come and go for some time yet. But, if you build your day on 3 foundations: Working, Exercising, and Creativity, you might just get through least until the next lockdown! However, if you still feel that things are too much for you, seek professional counselling or support.

Good Health To You!!